Increase investment in NYS Disability Services


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Increase investment in NYS Disability Services

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Underpaid and largely under-recognized, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide daily care across New York State to the intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) community. DSPs assist with daily living activities, including personal care, medication administration, health maintenance, and meal preparation.

Despite being the backbone of this social service sector, they are paid not much higher than minimum wage. With one in four job vacancies statewide and a 50% turnover rate, the field is left grappling.

DSPs are critical to sustaining the health, independence, and inclusion of people with an I/DD. By including a 3.2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and the Direct Support Wage Enhancement (DWSE) in the NYS FY2024-2025 Budget, DSPs can finally receive substantial, permanent wage enhancements.

As underfunding continues, we will see a continuation of staff shortages, group home closures, and suspension of home- and community-based services statewide.

Will you help ensure a better future for the I/DD community?

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