Can I create a Facebook Fundraiser first and then connect it to my AHRC Walk fundraising page?

No! You MUST create the Facebook Fundraiser through your Participant Center. Fundraisers created directly on Facebook will not link to your AHRC Walk account.

Can't I just share my AHRC Walk page on my Facebook profile instead?

Sure. However, creating a Facebook Fundraiser will help you reach new donors and hit your fundraising goal. Facebook makes it incredibly easy to invite your Facebook Friends to donate after your fundraiser has been created. Plus, your friends will see updates when people donate on their news feeds. Also, you can more easily communicate with your Facebook donors by posting updates and thanking them for their donations.

When will my Facebook Fundraiser end?

Your Facebook Fundraiser will automatically end 90 days after the AHRC Walk date.

What information is synced between my AHRC Walk fundraising page and my Facebook Fundraiser?

Donations will sync between the two sites. If you customize your photo, story, fundraising goal, etc., in the Participant Center on the AHRC Walk event site, these customizations will sync to your Facebook Fundraiser. At this time, this is a one-way sync so updating information on the Facebook Fundraiser will not sync to your Participant Center. But remember, please make all your customizations BEFORE creating your Facebook Fundraiser. Once your Facebook Fundraiser is created, it will not pick up any changes made afterwards in your Participant Center.

Do donations still go to the AHRC Foundation if people donate through my Facebook Fundraiser?

Absolutely! All donations raised via Facebook Fundraisers will go towards your personal fundraising goal, supporting people with developmental disabilities.

My personal fundraising page lists "Facebook Fundraiser" instead of donor names for those that gave to my Facebook Fundraiser. How will I know who donated?

When you are logged into your Participant Center, you will be able to see who gave to you via your Facebook Fundraiser. Gifts will be listed on your donor honor roll as "Facebook Fundraiser" per Facebook's privacy policy. You will also see who donated to you when you look at your fundraiser on Facebook. Donors have the option to choose whether they will share their information with AHRC Foundation during the donation process. Some donations may be listed on your Facebook Fundraiser as private donations and that is because the donor did not opt-in to information sharing.

I donated on Facebook. How can I get a receipt?

You received an email from Facebook with a receipt to the email address associated with your Facebook account. Visit the Facebook Payment History page if you need to reprint that receipt.

I donated on Facebook, how do I get a refund if I accidentally donated in error or donated to the wrong amount?

Please use Facebook's donation support form to ask for a refund. The AHRC Foundation is unable to process these refunds on your behalf.

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